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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! We completely follow all the guidelines of TikTok and do not provide any fake followers. When you use our service your in safe hands, with only real growth!

Getting real TikTok followers is our focus, and getting quality ones is better than getting hundreds of fake followers. Because if they are not real, your account can be flagged for breaking the TikTok rules of terms.

This is our mission as a company and the difference between buying with Toksocial compared to other cheap services, they are providing you fake followers, and the cost reflects this.

When you purchase with Toksocial we don’t compromise low quality, we provide you the realest genuine followers

Because we are a fully managed growth service we manage your account targeted towards your target audience, and the difference between us and other companies is thay they simply send you fake followers.

Here is what it looks like:

TokSocial – Real Targeted growth through our managed growth
Other companies – Get instant followers which are fake and not real.

We have tried and true our service for years to ensure we are on the forefront of cutting edge technology to help you reach real targeted tiktok followers, so when you buy tiktok followers with Tok Social you know you are in safe hands, we absolutely help you only grow with real followers.

You can view our pricing here

Of course! You can continue to upload as normal, while watching your following grow!

We pride ourselves in our service so much, that we are so confident you will love it. Because of this we don’t feel the need to have contracts, you can cancel anytime!

Just wait for your account manager to email you, worst case scenario, wait times can be up to 12 hours, that’s because we are analyzing your account and getting it all ready!

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Trusted and used by over 2,500 brands and influencers on TikTok!

Buy Real TikTok Followers

Having more real TikTok followers is extremely important for many different reasons. There are so many companies out there that claim to send you real followers, but end up delivering low-quality followers and engagements that only harm your reputation and performance.
When you buy real TikTok followers from an organic growth service like TokSocial, you give your profile a true leg up on the competition and can generate long-term growth that turns into real social proof.
Some benefits you enjoy when you buy real TikTok followers include:
  • More time to focus on your content
  • A better reputation
  • Consistent viewers for your content
  • More social proof
  • Higher engagement levels

Why You Need Real TikTok Followers

There are plenty of reasons why you need to have real TikTok followers instead of simply purchasing a bunch of fakes or bots. Social media is constantly evolving, and your followers and viewers can tell when you have a lot of fake TikTok followers.
Not only that, TikTok is also aware, and your account can suffer some serious consequences if you don’t stick to organic methods of growth. Below are some additional reasons why you need real, authentic TikTok followers.

Social Proof

Social media is driven by the concept of social proof. Social proof is the idea that users of social media and social groups want to participate in things that are popular and beloved by others.
The idea of social proof came to be in 1984, and Robert Cialdini explains that people will copy the actions of others in order to fit in and become part of the masses in a variety of different situations. This concept has been heavily applied to social media, and it certainly holds true today.
When you have a solid TikTok following of real users who like your content and engage with your profile, you become more attractive to new viewers and potential followers. They want to be a part of what others enjoy, and they will then emulate that behavior, following your profile and engaging with your content.
If you don’t have high levels of social proof, it’ll be unlikely that users will find your profile desirable. For that reason, building a loyal audience of real TikTok followers is what you need to do.
You can buy real TikTok followers from an organic service like TokSocial to help you get things moving.


Engagement is another key pillar on social media, and it’s something that can be positively influenced when you buy real TikTok followers that are gained organically. TikTok is a bit unique in the way that they display engagement, which makes it even more important.
On the main profile page of all TikTok users, you can see the total number of likes that all of the user’s content has gathered since the account was established. That’s a huge credibility marker, and if you don’t have real TikTok followers that regularly view and like your content, you’re going to ding your reputation completely.
Imagine that you didn’t buy real TikTok followers and just got a cheap package that claimed to send you 15k followers. You’ve now got 15k+ followers with a measly 1k likes. That totally discredits your content’s quality and also raises suspicions about the authenticity of your profile.
After all, if you have a high follower count, that number should also be reflected through engagements. You need both likes and views in addition to followers, which is why you should buy TikTok followers from a reputable and organic service like TokSocial.
Because TokSocial only interacts with real TikTok users and gains you real followers, you’ll have more viewers for your content that actually like it and engage with it. This is vital for long-term TikTok success.

Long-Term Success

If you want your TikTok growth to last in the long run, you need to buy real TikTok followers. When you buy fake follower packages, those followers will drop off of your account as soon as TikTok identifies them as inactive profiles.
TikTok, like many other social media networks, does constant sweeps of their platform to remove fake and bot followers. After all, nobody wants to see a bunch of spam floating around TikTok. This negatively impacts the user experience.
When you buy real TikTok followers, you set yourself up for perpetual, long-term growth through the idea of social proof and higher engagement rates. This is the true goal, and TokSocial can help get you there.

How to Buy Real TikTok Followers

With so many companies out there claiming to be your ticket to TikTok fame, how can you buy real TikTok followers safely? Below we’ll discuss the two main methods of TikTok growth and which one is more viable for growing your profile.

Real, Organic TikTok Growth

TokSocial offers the perfect way to buy real TikTok followers through organic methods of interaction on the platform. Providing real results and targeted growth, your dedicated account manager will create a campaign for you based on your targeting instructions, then take actions on your behalf to engage with them and get their attention.
You’ll be able to increase your reach on TikTok and get more real followers that care about what you post. This is the top proven method if you want to build a real following on TikTok, and it’s the only way to buy real TikTok followers safely.
Your growth will come in naturally and you’ll gain real followers as long as you continue to post excellent content that attracts and interests your target audience. Go viral!

Follower Packages

Follower packages claim to offer you the chance to buy real TikTok followers, but unfortunately there’s no way to do such a thing. You’ll see packages that offer you thousands of TikTok followers for just mere dollars; when it sounds too good to be true, it definitely is.
What happens is that you buy the package and they’ll simply fill your TikTok profile with fake followers, if you get your delivery at all. These followers will eventually fall off of your account, losing your investment as well as your reputation.
The only way to safely and successfully buy real TikTok followers is through an organic growth service, so try out TokSocial today and watch your numbers skyrocket!
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